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Kameron & Jessica H.

Mondai has been a long time friend of our family and when my wife and I were interested in looking for a new home, she was there to help us right away. She got to know our situation quickly and let us take time through the process because we were not in a rush to move. Mondai was keeping us updated as new houses came onto the market. The BIGGEST help that she gave was when we were negotiating the sell of our house and when we were buying the new house that we bought and LOVE so much! Mondai also always made time available to visit houses with us. If you are looking to buy or sell a house, I HIGHLY recommend Mondai Adair.

Ta-Wei & Hui-Ling

Mondai helped us to get investment proprieties that we like/want during our short visit. We knew Mondai through word of mouth, and at the very first 15mins our phone conversations, we immediately knew she is the one who can help us. She is professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, and most importantly, lead us through bidding wars and protect our interests. We were lucky to have her being our realtor agent. We will recommend her to everyone.

Drew E.

Mondai is a consummate professional. We were moving into the Gilbert, AZ area from Michigan. We knew nothing about the area. We described what we were looking for prior to our visit and she had a number of homes lined up. She spent three days with us. She was honest and sincere during the negotiations. Most importantly, even after the deal was closed, her follow up was amazing. Most people, once money is in hand, quickly forget. But not Mondai. She visited us after we moved in and then a year later. I can’t speak more highly of her and recommend her to anyone looking for real estate help! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Dan H.

We had a difficult situation selling one home and buying another. Mondai stuck by us and checked in often even after we purchased a home and the other was still in the market. I felt like Mondai really cared and we have remained in contact for years. We have also recommended her to several people a few who have purchased a home with her. I would highly recommend Mondai!

Bonnie W.

Mondai has been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout our home buying and selling process! Our list of wants for our new home was long and we looked at dozens online and plenty in person without finding what we needed. After 6 months of casual searching and 3 months of intense hunting, Mondai finally found us our perfect forever home. She moved extremely quickly and guided us through placing a competitive offer and beating out another offer that was already in place. We never felt lost of confused during the paperwork process and loved every minute of working with her. Highly recommend Mondai and her team!

Whitney W.

Mondai has helped me not only buy investment properties, but also bare land to build our dream home on. She is amazingly quick to respond and is very attentive. She will happily work within MY goals and not push anything that I am not interested in. I have closed three separate homes with Mondai and each one was a genuinely pleasant experience. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Reagan W.

Mondai was amazing in helping us buy our first house. She was so easy to work with, and always answered my phone calls and text messages, even late at night. She made the home buying process so easy, even getting us pre-approved overnight. She helped us find the perfect home, and we are eternally thankful!

Hans L.

With only very short notice and only one or two days to look at homes, Mondai was flexible in helping us find the right home for our first home. She knew the area, made showings convenient and helped us lock in a great offer. After the offer was accepted, she kept us up to date on next steps and always helped us understand what we needed to do next. What could have been overwhelming was made much simpler. We loved working with Mondai and would do so again the next time we are looking to buy a home.

Tiffany B.

Mondai was fantastic! She found us exactly what we were looking for and sold our house for higher than market value within 3 days of being on the market. She helped us stage our house and treated us like we were her only clients. I highly recommend!

Theresa F.

We had a difficult situation selling one home and buying another. Mondai stuck by us and checked in often even after we purchased a home and the other was still in the market. I felt like Mondai really cared and we have remained in contact for years. We have also recommended her to several people a few who have purchased a home with her. I would highly recommend Mondai!

Brittnie H.

I don’t know how we would have done without Mondai’s help. She patiently took us to many houses before we found the one. We had some very specific requests and she understood. She also has many contacts and referred us to others that helped make our home burying process easier. I would refer her to any family or friends and trust that they would have a great experience!

Damon O.

Top notch! Mondai was great – very responsive and knowledgeable. She guided us through a tough market for buyers. We were very pleased with her level of service.

Travis M.

Mondai is great to work with. Very responsive, friendlyand knowledgable. She went above and beyond throughout the process. Even after our home purchase was complete Mondai continues to be helpful with questions we have. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

James H.

Mondai is exactly what you would expect in a Realtor. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. She helped us buy our new home and sell it 7 years later. I would hire her back in a heartbeat.

Brian & Olive L.

We were so glad to have Mondai help us find our home. We were very new in the real estate game so it was great to have a professional guiding us along. She was very responsive and we felt like we were her top priority. She was essential in helping us get through all the confusing paperwork too, so we ended up getting the best deal we could for our home.

Will & Anita C.

It is truly hard for this review, to not turn into an essay. We have worked with Mondai since 2013. She is impeccably professional and when I tell you she has your best interest at heart, I mean it. SO my husband and I had been through the ringer, we’d bought before, we lost a house before and were at the time in an apartment with our family. We reached out on a house that was for rent, and Mondai had responded to the inquiry. She informed us that the owners now decided to sell instead of rent. We conversed a bit, she asked me about our interests and asked did we see ourselves ever owning. I told her about our past and she told me that many people think that they will not qualify. Well…Mondai worked with us for over 8 months to help us and put us in contact with a few mortgage folks. During this time frame she always made sure to reach out and touch us to see how everything was going. We closed on that house in September 2014. We also just closed another house with Mondai in October of 2017. She is amazing! We were approved for far more than we actually wanted to spend. After Mondai had spent time with us going to look at many homes she pretty much knew what I’d love versus what I’d like. She can usually guess the exact house we’d actually pick in the end. Always taking us to properties that reflected the must haves, floor plan and locations we desired at a much lower asking price than what we were approved for. I mention that to indicate that she truly always has your best interest at heart and always looks at what is better for you, your family, and your situation. There is absolutely no pressure with Mondai and her negotiation skills are second to none. We’d actually received several compliments from sellers agents regarding how amazing she was and how great it was to work with her, when buying both our homes. I think that’s a true testament to the gem you would have in Mondai. We plan on buying all of our properties with her! Also, if you are a client once she will always keep in touch. I really should have written a review years ago and I’m actually sorry it took this long. Highly favored and highly recommended! We love Mondai Adair!

Jon & Alyssa C.

Mondai Adair with S4 group is a wonderful realtor. Mondai is the consummate professional and was always looking out for our best interests. We put Mondai through the ringer—we had very specific criteria for our home and neighborhood. Mondai showed us countless homes, and never pushed our budget. She showed us a range of homes and was incredibly responsive, via phone, text, and email regarding scheduling tours, questions about homes/neighborhoods, and updates on the market. She even personally reached out to homeowners in our top neighborhood to see if they were interested in selling. While I know she was balancing the needs of other clients during the demanding spring and summer housing season, we never felt rushed, rather, we always felt as though we were her top priority. Mondai was always willing to accommodate our busy schedules. She is very knowledgeable and full of great ideas. Mondai always wanted us to find the right home for our family and persevered until we finally found it. We are thrilled with our new home, but importantly, we are also thrilled by our home buying experience thanks to Mondai.